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Do I Know You?

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Who you were in your last past life?

To know the answer - just type in the DAY, MONTH, and YEAR you were born in PRESENT life.

For example:
October 16, 1955 would be entered as - Day:16 Month:10 Year:55

Day:    Month:   Year: 

Attention! This esoteric algorythm is composed for our contemporaries - people born after 1922. Earlier birthdates may be processed with errors or not processed at all.

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HTML to JavaScript Converter

Special thanks to Cut-N-Paste JavaScript for this Script

This script is very useful for when you have to write HTML into a JavaScript. Just write the code that you want, and this script will convert it to JavaScript.


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Script made by Andrew Ward Note

Please fill in the whole form with your email address aswell so the script can function correctly. This script was made by Andrew Ward Contact me on icq : 18973702 . Oh, and I hope you find this script useful, if you do email me or tell me another search engine to add to the list.