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Mystical   Magical   Stone's!!!

Astral Projection: quartz crystal, opal* and tourmalated quartz.
Success in Business: bloodstone, malachite, green
tourmaline and yellow zircon.
Centering and Grounding: calcite, brown zircon, hematite, kunzite, moonstone, obsidian and black tourmaline,
Courage: agate, amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone,
carnelian, diamond, lapis lazuli, sardonyx, tiger eye, red tourmaline and turquoise.
Divination: azurite, flint, hematite, jet, mica, moonstone, obsidian and tiger eye.
Dreams: amethyst, and azurite.
Friendship: chrysoprase, pink tourmaline and turquoise Gardening: agate, jade, malachite, and brown zircon,
Happiness: amethyst, chrysoprase and yellow zircon,
Healing and Health: agate, amber, amethyst, aventurine, azurite, bloodstone, calcite, carnelian, cat's eye,
celestite, chrysoprase, coral, quartz, diamond, flint, garnet, hematite, jade, jasper, jet, lapis lazuli, peridot, petrified wood, sapphire, sodalite, staurolite, sugilite, sulfur, sunstone, topaz, turquoise and red zircon,
Love: agate, alexandrite, amber, amethyst, beryl, calcite, chrysocolla, emerald, jade, lapis lazuli, lepidolite,
malachite, moonstone, olivine, pearl, rhodocrosite,
sapphire, shard topaz, pink tourmaline and turquoise,
Money, wealth and prosperity: aventurine, bloodstone,
calcite, cat's eye, chrysoprase, coal, emerald, jade,
mother-of-pearl, olvine, opal, pearl, peridot, ruby, salt, sapphire, spinel, staurolite, tiger eye , topaz, green tourmaline and brown, green or red zircon
Purification: aquamarine and calcite
Travel: chalcedony and orange zircon
Wisdom: chrysocolla, coral, jade, sodalite and
sugilite...But if you really would like to learn more about Crystals and stones,My i suggest reading Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal,Gem & Metal Magic. it's a very good reference book"really"hopefully some of this info will help you...""Blessed Be My Friends""

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This is another reference list for some stone's

AGATE Energizer, Strengthens
AMBER Rids Depression, Lifts the Spirit
AMETHYST Heightens psychic ability, inner calm, very helpful in Meditation
AMETHYSTINE AGATE Stimulates, Brings about change
APACHE TEAR Repels negativity, aids in grief, protection
AQUA AURA Opens and cleanses the chakras
AQUAMARINE Clears thinking, Purifying, Confidence, opens throat chakra
AVENTURINE Speeds healing, Promotes Creativity and Luck
AZURITE Helps to calm, aids in truth finding and acceptance
BARITE Excellent communication aid, especially with relationships
BERYL Psychic Awareness, another good relationship stone
BLACK ONYX Repels negativity all around you
BLOODSTONE Soothes the mind, Relieves depression, Healing
BLUE LACED AGATE Promotes feminine qualities, Gentleness, peace
BOTSWANA AGATE Attracts gifts and small pleasures, Mood lifting
CALCITE Balancing, good for meditation
CARNELIAN To focus, Helps in making decisions
CHAROITE Aids in conquering own fears
CHRYSOCOLLA Feminine qualities, clears thinking
CITRINE Attracts abundance, Prosperity
CLEAR QUARTZ Inner awareness, Concentration, Energy enhancer
CORAL Sea travel protection
DANBURITE Intellectual stone
DIAMOND Use sparingly, Solidifying
EMERALD Psychic Awareness, Future seeing
FLOURITE Clears understanding, aids in centering, astral aid
GARNET Heightens sexual awareness, bodily strength, wisdom
GOLD Healing, Promotes abundance
HEMATITE Excellent grounding stone, Protection, soothing
JACINTH Friendship, Healing
JADE Inner beauty
JASPER-BROWN To direct energies towards the body
JASPER-RED To attract a love affair or maintain passion
LAPIS LAZULI Justice, Honor, Spirituality
LEOPARD JASPER A good grounding stone, opens to new thinking
MALACHITE Inspiration, Spiritual Harmony, Protector of Children
MOLDAVITE Usually finds Healers, cosmic and astral connections
MOONSTONE Divination, Dreams, Balances emotions
MOSS AGATE Acceptance, confidence, a good Herbalist stone
MOTHER OF PEARL Money attraction, protection
OBSIDIAN Protection, Inner hidden issues
ONYX Stabilization, Comfort, Faith
OPAL Spirituality, Contact with the spirits
PEARL Intuition, Divination aid
PERIDOT Compassion, Simple pleasures
PYRITE Money attraction, eases fears and dreads
QUARTZ-ROSE Healing, Friendships, Love
RED JASPER Aids in remembering dreams, justice
RHODONITE Draws love, heals emotions
ROCK CRYSTAL Direct contact with spirit world, Centering
RUBY To bring about a very deep and pure love affair
SAPPHIRE Protection, luck, peace of mind
SELENITE Astral aid, ease thoughts and emotions
SMOKEY QUARTZ A need for invisibility, ridding of unwanted elements
SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN Brings peace and inner calm, aids in recognizing
patterns of behavior
SODALITE Self-esteem, absorbs negativity
TIGER'S EYE Strength, Independence, Business start-ups
TOPAZ Dispel fears, warmth
TOURMALINE Black for protection and grounding
Green for healing and purifying
TURQUOISE Physical protection, Creative force


Birthstone = Garnet
Gemstone = Aquamarine

Birthstone = Amethyst
Gemstone = Moonstone, Bloodstone

Birthstone = Aguamarine
Gemstone = Diamond

Birthstone = Diamond, White Sapphire
Gemstone = Emerald

Birthstone = Emerald
Gemstone = Agate

Birthstone = Pearl, Alexandrite
Gemstone = Pearl

Birthstone = Ruby
Gemstone = Ruby

Birthstone = Sardonyx, Peridot
Gemstone = Sardonyx

Birthstone = Sapphire
Gemstone = Sapphire, Jade

Birthstone = Opal, Rose Zircon
Gemstone = Opal

Birthstone = Golden Topaz, Citrine
Gemstone = Topaz

Birthstone = Turquoise, Blue Zircon
Gemstone = Turquoise, Amethyst

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