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*** Spirit Guide Meditation ***

What you'll need:

salt water - roughly two cups (I use tap water and Kosher salt, but any salt is ok)
1 white candle in sturdy holder
matches or lighter
notebook and pen are also handy

What you'll do:

Make sure you have privacy. Give yourself at least a two hour window of opportunity. It's always easier at first, if you eliminate as many of your ties to the human plane as possible. Take a shower and afterwards, wear no cologne, deodorant, hair spray, etc. Dress or undress should be according to your own standards, but I have found that wearing black or grey is best. You can get better auditory reception! Then, choose a room in your house (or outside if you have a private spot!) and make it as clean as possible. (No crumbs on the floor!) to work in. Turn off the phone, have no outside interference.

Pick a spot on the floor and set up candle and have notebook and lighter next to you. Take the salt water and sprinkle a circle around you and your tools. Once you cast the circle, DO NOT cross out of it! The purpose is to protect you when you raise energy. Walking out of it destroys its protection. If you have to move around inside the circle, make sure you move CLOCKWISE.

Sit down and get comfortable. Speak or think a small protection verse.
This can be as simple as "Please protect me in my sacred circle."

Feel free to be as elaborate as you wish. Light your candle and first, just study it's flickering. (A good hint to know if any spirit energy is in the room with you is to have all windows and doors closed before you start and when the flame moves, you will know when energy is nearby.) When you feel relaxed enough, concentrate on contacting your guide. Keep your eyes closed if this helps keep your concentration. Don't push yourself to hear anything. It may come as a whisper or as a thought in your mind. Don't worry that you are *forcing* yourself to hear something. That's how it works.

If you make contact, ask questions, have a conversation, TAKE NOTES!! It won't be considered rude. Ask for your guide's name. Have fun! It's like getting reacquainted with an old friend. When you feel that you are ready to end the discussion, thank you guide, ask him/her to stay with you or visit you often and say goodnight/bye.

Blow out your candle and using your power hand (generally your writing had is the "power or sending" and your other is the "receiving", "chop" an opening in you circle and say something along the lines of,

"I open this circle and thank all the energies that protected me this night."

As you get more experience, you will become more comfortable making up your our words.

Afterwards, reflect on what you learned and if possible, get a good night's sleep. It's natural to feel "high" after an encounter, so take a few minutes before bed to read a chapter of a book, watch some mind-numbing Tv to reconnect yourself to the human plane.

Don't be discouraged if it doesn't work the first time. Like I said, don't push anything or try to rush through things. Part of the process is to get you to learn patience and quiet. If it doesn't work the first time, try again in a few days.

*** Spirit Guide Spell ***

Items Needed
Altar Candle
Day Candle (Monday-white, Tuesday-red, Wednesday-purple, Thursday-blue, Friday-green, Saturday-black, Sunday-yellow)
Offeratory Candles - 3 Violet Candles
3 White Candles

Athame to inscribe candles
Crystal ball or clear glass of water

anise, cardamon, and corriander.

jasmine, lemon, rose and sandalwood

Best done during the Mercury hour of the day, although any hour should work. Any moon phase is appropriate.


Breathe deeply and build a ball of protective light around you. While soaking in your ritual bath, meditate on the whole ritual: the steps you will take and what you wish to say to your spirit guide when you make contact.

Enter the circle in the Hour of Mercury. Light the incense. With the oil, dress the Altar Candle and the Day candle while concetrating on the purpose of the ritual. Light your Altar Candle and Day Candle and state your intent:

I am here to make contact with my Spirit Guide, and to acknowledge him or her.

With your athame, inscribe Violet Candle #1 with the word "Spirit". Dress it with oil. Light the Violet Candle #1, direct your energies into it and say:

Here do I light the first Lamp of Spirit. May its light reach out across the barriers from this world to the next. May it make contact with that World of Spirit into which we will eventually enter.

Take your censer or incense wand and swing it around, censing the whole area around the altar while rythmically repeating the word "Merge" and building up energy to focus. Replace the censer and pick up Violet Candle #2. Inscribe it with the word "Spirit" and dress it with oil. Put it back on the altar, light it and say:

Here do I light the second Lamp of Spirit. May its light also reach out across the barriers from this world to the next. May it make contact with that World of Spirit and help spread the light, illuminating the passageway between our worlds.

Again take the censer or incense wand and cense the entire area around while chanting the word "Merge." Build up your energy to focus. Take Violet Candle #3, inscribe it with the word "Spirit", dress it with oil, charge with your energy, light it and say:

Here do I light the third Lamp of Spirit. May the light from these three lamps blend and grow, dispelling all darkness and lighting the way that my Spirit Guide may come to me and speak with me here today.

Inscribe the three white candles with the word "Truth" and anoint each candle with oil. Light the three candles in the order of 1, 2, 3, and say:

Here do I build Truth. As these candles burn throughout this ritual, their power generating nothing but truth in all that transpires between this world and the next. Through these candles there is truth in all communications that come to me.

Again cense the altar area while chanting "Merge." Replace the censer and continue chanting. Sit comfortably while chanting, and gaze into the crystal ball, or the clear glass of water. Continue chanting until you feel it is right to let the chant taper off. Continue to quietly look into the crystal ball or glass, not trying to picture anything. Keep your mind blank, so whatever comes will appear and will come in it's own free will. Gaze into the center of the crystal, there is no need to try not to blink. Look into the crystal and blink naturally. Try not to notice anything in your peripheral vision, just the center of the crystal. Eventually a face or figure will appear. This may take a long time, or it may appear almost immediately. If it doesn't come at all within approximately 20 minutes, abandon this attempt, extinguish the candles in the order in which they were lit, leave the altar set up, and try this ritual again in three days. You should have results within a month at most. When a figure does appear, ask if he/she is your Spirit Guide. You will hear an answer, you may not hear it out loud, or even see the figures lips move, but you will be aware of the answer. This is how most conversations will proceed. You will ask your questinons mentally (or out loud) and the answer will be clear inside your mind. Ask if you have more than one Spirit Guide. If yes, ask them to appear also. You may ask anything you wish to know, but it is better to establish a connection first where your Spirit Guide may appear to you at any time, or at specific times, so that you can converse with any other spirits through him/her. When you have finished speaking with your guide, thank him/her, then sit for a moment with your eyes closed, meditating on all that you have learned. Extinguish the candles in reverse order to clear the circle.

** IN General About Spirit Guides **

Are they Angels or are they Friends who have passed over - or are they Guides as the name states?
Artical by:Sylvia Percival

When people start on their Spiritual path, straight away there are millions of questions in their minds. How do we get in touch with our guides? This is the main one that I come across the most. Or, is it really a spirit or is it my imagination - am I going crazy? I hear voices in my ears. I see things that are going to happen. Who is this? Is it my guide?

This is my concept only. I feel that we have 3 guides when we first start on our path. I believe that we have a guide that is with us through many life times and I figure this one is the boss. Then there is a gate-keeper. This guide only allows those through the gate for your learning. I feel that they will not stop you from learning or having experiences for your own growth and spiritual development and to give you insight into the reality of what life is all about.

Then I feel we have like a foreman, who keeps an eye on our spirit friends that want to communicate with us, because when we open up our channels of communication we open the flood gate and there are so many in the spirit world that want to be heard, and have a message to pass on so this I feel has to be. When we communicate with our guides, we seem to get carried away. Some seem to hand their lives over to their guides. This is not a good idea. We are here on the physical plane and have to live our physical life and keep the balance.

How we communicate with our guides: Each one of us does this in different ways. Not all can communicate through meditation. This is OK, I feel that your guides will communicate with you the way that you are comfortable with or are able to accept. There are no fast and hard rules, to communicate with your guides. We are in tune with our spirit guides all the time. We do not realise this at first until we let go of the analytical mind, and trust in our own higher self. Relax and allow the mind to be free to gather in the information that is needed for you at this time. When you put your analytical mind into gear this is when the channels shut down.

Sometimes there is a fear of feeling stupid and sometimes a feeling of doubt, and is it me or my guides?, or is this what I want to believe in? How do I know that it is my guides or some mischief maker, or an entity? All of these things go through our minds and it starts to race, then the doubts set in and we get upset, and do not want to discuss it with anyone in case they feel as if we have flipped. All of these things go through our minds.

This is natural until we build up enough confidence to believe in our own ability to feel the difference, with the different energies that are around us. When our guides are close, there is a lovely energy. Some people get hot, others get on a real high. It is very hard to explain because everyone feels differently and this is good because we are all different, none of us develop in the same way so if you have a good gut feeling then it is right. If the gut feeling tells you it is no good, listen to it.

Another way to tell if the guide is good of bad is, I feel, that if a spirit guide is good then they will not use the instrument while you are low in energy or are not well. If a guide does not respect the instrument that it is channelling through, then do not allow it to come through. Ask your gate-keeper not to allow anyone through that is not for your higher self. this you can do. Remember that the choice is yours at all times.

Spirit Guides guide us through life's situations. They can present themselves in thought forms, or in our meditation as an Indian chief or a nun or an angel or sometimes even in the form of Christ. They present themselves as to what we can accept at our time of learning. In the Catholic Religion people have their favourite Saints, they pray to Our Lady, some pray to The Sacred Heart, Saint Jude. This is what the individual concept is so this is right for them. I do not believe that we pray to our guides, thank them yes, but not pray to them. They are only too pleased to assist us on our path.

Remember that our guides are not always right. We have the last say. I have heard some different people say that their guide does so much for them. Guides are there to guide. To guide us in our spiritual path. Our physical is our responsibility. We cannot ask them to take on our learning experiences and to, as the saying goes, do our dirty work. If we do not want to talk to someone, we say that our guides told us that we are not allowed to associate with them, that they are evil and have an entity with them. Please do not blame your guide for this or to blame them for what you have done yourself. The guides can be fun, they do have a sense of humour and they are great. They bring a beautiful lovely energy and are there as our friends. Remember this and allow the communication to be only for the higher self.

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