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The Basic's Of Astrology!



I have tried, in these Keywords, to include a variety of images..some mundane
..some more psychological..some more Spiritual. You will want to add your own Keywords to these as they evolve in your mind. Included with the Keywrds are the name of the Sign, Ruling Planet, House it rules in the Natural Zodiac, Element, and Mode.

Self, Self-esteem, OUR perspective, Our Mask, how we ACT, how we express (or withhold) anger, our ability to be assertive, male ego (in men AND women), sex drive (in men AND women), the way we take ACTION to reach a goal, speed, courage, how our Spiritual Warrior manifests, bullying, the head, headaches, the color Red, the kind of men that women are attracted to, the Life Force within our Spirit..and how it manifests.

Self-Worth, material possessions (and how they reflect our inner values), gain and/or loss and how we respond to that experience, what we THINK we deserve from life, the
physical side of love, comfort, peace, our contact with the Earth and all of her creatures, our value system, our ability to feel gratitude for our life, attitude towards money and/or possessions (which reflects our attitude
toward abundance within us), all Earth colors, the throat, Spirit manifesting as physical reality.

The conscious mind, duality in all things, ability to recognize and deal with opposites in all of life, how we 'think' and how it affects us, mind 'sets' which we
learned, new ideas, learning, the 5 senses, not what we say..but how we say it, brothers and sisters (the first people we learn to communicate with), words and what they mean to us, how well we are able to communicate with both ourselves and others, the hands, the nervous system, shades of green

Emotions, security within, safety, trust of others, trust of feelings, past, childhood, the mother we HAD..and the mother we ARE, our ability to nurture ourselves and others, our ability to GIVE emotionally to ourselves and others, nourishment on all levels, how our past continues to affect us, our ability to recognize and meet our emotional needs, The sub-conscious mind, the breasts and stomach, shades of blue

Our Ego, our sense of Self, what you WANT in life, goals, ability to meet goals, direction, sense of destiny and purpose, the father you HAD..the father you ARE, warmth, generousity, how much we LIKE ourselves, where we want and seek attention, Our Spiritual Self-Hood..the place where our Divinity manifests, Personal empowerment and authority, how we see ourself, possible career direction, our basic character, the color orange, the heart

Analytical ability, details, how we deal with criticism, how SELF critical we are, work (as a basic belief 'work ethic'), routines, order, reality, health (as a state which begins in the mind), purification, natural healing
practices, health foods, service, what we 'see' as work, efficent, organized, literal, intestines and bowels, all Earth Colors

Partnership on all levels, relating, what we believe we deserve (and thus attract) in relationships, how well we are able to relate and share, what we expect a partner to provide, the feminine Self (in both women AND men), what is 'beautiful' to us, inner balance and harmony, art, ability to make commitments in partnership, peace and war (more balance), the lower back and kidneys, shades of green

Intensity, power and how we use or experience it, fears (deeply rooted), sex as a means of achieving complete
unity, emotional bonding, our ability to trust others, WHY we either trust or do not trust, emotional blackmail,
manipulating others..or BEING manipulated, our ability to let go and let God, death of the old, transformation,
secrets within us, mystery, control and controling, the sexual organs, the color black..the color red

Philosophical, belief systems (learned from many sources), religious beliefs, political belief systems, bigotry, open mindedness, bluntness, seeking your personal truth, where God finds us, where we seek God, out going, optomistic, future directed, confidence, over doing, exaggeration,
expansion, higher education in many forms, enlarging our sense of Self, the hips, the liver, shades of red

Discipline, the Father, caution within, fears, insecurities we learned from our past, traditions and how they affect us, ambitions, structures we see as essential in our lives, responsibility (and how we feel about it), ability to deal positively with authority (our own and others), coldness, depression, materialistic, business, manifestation, hard work, where we feel inadequate, how we deal with feelings of fear and inadequacy, where we learned feelings of fear and inadequacy, great life lessons (and how well we accept them), the knees, shades of brown..other Earth colors

Higher Menal Self, freedom, the future, Mental Unity with all human-kind, truth seeking, clarity, rebellion against structures, individualistic, willfulness, emotional
detachment, emotional coldness, open mindedness, groups and group consciousness, mass consciousness (and how we relate to it), chaos (and how we handle it), sudden unexpected change (and how we handle it), impersonal, the circulation, the ankles, shades of green and aqua

Compassionate, Spiritual Self, Where we contact Spirit
guides, meditation, Unity with God, Unity with others,
dreams, visions, sub-conscious beliefs, artistic ability and appreciation, music, escapist tendencies, victims,
sacrifice on many levels, drugs, alcohol, kindness,
Spiritual Experience (our openness to it), sub-conscious programming or RE-programming, fears, phobias, confusion, confinement, open to all ideas, not very 'realistic',
seeing other worlds, Spiritual Values, the feet, shades of blue and purple


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