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The Stars, Love, Astrology, And You In Astrological Compatibility

The Stars, Love, Astrology, and You: astrological compatibility


Are You And Your Mate A Love Match? Are you astrologically compatible?

How does this astrological compatibility profile work?

Your astrological compatibility report helps you compare two charts by 1) identifying each partner's emotional needs by describing their Descendant (7th house cusp), Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars; and 2) examining the way their two charts interact. After describing what each partner needs in their love life, the report assesses their interaction by describing the significant aspects between their charts. These aspects identify areas of attraction, harmony, and conflict. The "Strength" noted for each aspect shows its degree of influence on the relationship. The Strength combines the aspect's closeness of exactitude with its positive or negative value for compatibility purposes. The higher the Strength is, the more strongly the aspect is likely to be felt and acted out in the relationship.**** SPECIAL NOTE: When you see the area called "Planets in Mutual Houses", there may be some areas of conflict in your compatibility, or problems that you may need to be aware. If you read terms like "afflictions" or "afflicted", these are areas of potential problems, but may not ever happen. Remember that astrology deals with the potential of your relationship, based on thousands of years of research, but you ultimately can make or break your relationship. Yes, it takes two!

Focusing on astrological compatibility, this astrological report is for couples, singles, married people or those who are engaged and contemplating marriage, divorced people (who need to know about the past relationships); those who just met and have an online or cyber romance and want to know if he or she is their true love; some who are interested in metaphysics, new age topics, past lives, karma, soul mates, and those who like astrology, are interested in the zodiac, constellations, signs, planets, houses, and aspects in their own astrology birth charts or horoscope wheels, and how their charts compare for love and astrological compatibility; others who need more guidance, spiritual insights, readings, or karmic information about the astrological birth charts, horoscopes between them and their loved one, fiancée, significant other, marriage partner, love of their life, new romance, husband, wife or spouse; although the love match report is mainly focused on love, romance, relationships, if you are involved in this person on a business level, friendship, or platonic relationship, you can find out if you are astrologically compatible on mental levels and if the chance for a long term relationship, based on the overall astrological compatibility, exists. The technique of comparing two charts is called synastry. To purchase this 20-30 page report, fill out this information below. Emailed to you by Pamela Fottrell, Astrologer of Fottrell Enterprises, PO Box 92, Waterford, CT USA 06385. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Personal Checking (US) Accepted. Secure Server and emailed to you in 2-3 days of order.

SAMPLE of Love Match Astrology Report Below


The Love Match Report is $24.95. Use the form below to order. The Love Match Report is emailed to you via email: Pamela Fottrell, (main site is http://www.astrologymatch.com) starmate@sprynet.com , in three parts.                                                   Details: Once your order for the Astrology Love Match Profile has been placed, you will receive a receipt of your purchase via email from Fottrell Enterprises (W & P Fottrell), as well as a second email to verify your email address.  Example:  Dear Customer:
We have received your order for your Love Match Report.
Please reply to verify this email address by placing the word  "verified" in the
subject line. The bank is settling the order today. You will
receive your report 24-48 hours from now in this email. If you pay through using a personal US check, your profile will take a little longer to process.
It will be in three parts. The first part will be the Love Rating, which shows how strong the relationship is, and what the potential is for a long-term relationship.The second part is the Planets in The Signs and
Planets in Mutual Houses (see sample below).
The third part will be Planets in Mutual Aspects (see sample below).

Thank you very much,
Pamela Fottrell at starmate@sprynet.com

Enter your Name (as purchaser):

Enter Name and Birthday of First Person (mm/dd/yy):

Enter time of birth of First Person (include AM or PM. If not known, type "unknown"):

Enter City,State,Country or Province of Birth:

Enter Name of Second Person:

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Enter exact email address where you want this report sent:

This is sent through a secure server, using
AuthorizeNet and Cardservice International.

Sample of Love Match Astrology Report

Planets in Signs

Wayne's Virgo Descendant

You seek a partner who is health conscious and who lives in neat and clean surroundings. You go to great lengths to please your lover and will do so with great love and caring. Acting out your mutual fantasies would be a source of excitement and playfulness between you.

You enjoy a partner who can sense your innermost desires and fulfill them. Be sure to include lots of variety so that you don't fall into a standard routine of romance and thereby lose some of its magic.

Pam's Sagittarius Descendant

You need variety and excitement in your love relationships, and would not be happy for long with a boring partner. You appreciate a mate who seeks a larger meaning behind the everyday occurrences in life. You demand truthfulness in a mate and enjoy spiritual (or at least metaphysical) or philosophical discussions with your lover.

Relating to another on an intimate level helps you to become centered. You need a partner whom you can "bounce yourself off of," one who will act as a mirror and reflect your own image back at you and therefore provide an objective viewpoint on your inner workings. You appreciate personal freedom in relationships but, oddly enough, usually feel most "free" when you are committed to someone. This Descendant also indicates the possibility that you may acquire wealth through marriage.

 Wayne's Sun in Gemini

Communication is very important in your relationships, and you can learn a great deal through your partners--that is, if you are willing to undergo a little self-examination. You don't like others to probe your deeper secrets and feel embarrassed at displays of emotion (yours or others').

It is important to you that your lover be your friend. Sex alone is not going to make you happy in a relationship, no matter how good it is. You have a light-hearted attitude toward intimacy and need a partner who shares your need for variety and stimulation. You have a knack for sexual experimentation and can become bored with a partner who is not of similar temperament.

Planets in Mutual Houses


Pam's Sun in Wayne's 6th House

This combination is more common among passing acquaintances than long-term friends or lovers. You may work for the same company or in the same building, or you may have come together temporarily to work on a common goal. You’re good at brainstorming together to find solutions to shared problems. Pam can inspire Wayne to become more efficient and thorough in the areas of work and health, and can positively influence Wayne's overall health. Wayne in return can provide valuable services to Pam. Pam should avoid becoming overly critical and demanding. This is an excellent combination between boss and employee or patient and doctor.

Wayne's Sun in Pam's 12th House

This combination indicates that you share a karmic link. You have a mutual interest in psychic or occult matters, and you may even share a telepathic connection. Your influence on each other is largely determined by whether the Sun in Wayne's natal chart is well-aspected, as well as the balance of "positive" and "negative" contacts in the relationship. If Wayne's Sun is well-aspected, and if a more harmonious comparison, Wayne can help Pam explore and discover Pam's deepest unconscious motivations. Pam, in turn, can share intuitive impressions and spiritual insights with Wayne. If a more difficult comparison (or if Wayne's Sun is heavily afflicted natally), Wayne may confuse Pam and may seem unreliable. In such a case, there may be dark secrets between you, and maybe even outright deception.

Pam's Moon in Wayne's 1st House

There is an emotional bond between you, and you are very sensitive to each other’s feelings. You enjoy each other’s company, and feel at home when you’re together. You share many similar childhood experiences, and you also share habits and patterns that you formed in early life. Pam adores Wayne and can be very protective of Wayne's interests, although sometimes Wayne thinks Pam worries too much. Wayne will be sympathetic toward Pam (even when being moody), and will be nurturing and devoted. In a romantic relationship, this combination indicates a strong physical attraction.

 Wayne's Moon in Pam's 4th House

This combination is common between marriage partners or others who are members of the same household. You feel at home in each other’s presence and share many common family experiences. You are very sensitive to each other’s feelings and may even share a telepathic link. Each of you will nurture the other, and if you live together you’ll create a very comfortable home. Wayne should avoid becoming overly protective or "(s)mothering" Pam. Pam may find Wayne to be moody or overly sensitive at times.

This part of the Astrology Love Match Report is Part Three, which is the final section emailed to you.  It deals with Planets in Aspect.  This means that your planets are compared with another's planets in your astrological charts, to see how they interact, whether they are harmonious or inharmonious. Then you receive a detailed interpretation of what it all means.  As with the other two parts, this is easy to read.  Does your Sun or Moon relate well to your special love interest's Venus or Mars? If so, what does it mean as far as your relationship is concerned? Find out more about by getting your Love Match Astrology Report!

Planets in Aspect

Pam's Venus sextile Wayne's Mars

There is a strong physical attraction between you and this is very favorable aspect in the charts of lover and marriage partners. It frequently indicates that you met through friends or a group. Romantic compatibility is guaranteed with this combination, as both partners find the other terribly stimulating. Pam has a soothing and calming effect on Wayne, who tends to be more assertive about initiating change in the relationship. There is much mutual admiration and affection, and plenty of romance. Wayne is able to earn the passionate devotion of Pam, and Pam will in turn provide the loving response that Wayne desires. You understand intuitively how to please each other and enjoy a harmonious partnership.

 Pam's Sun conjunct Wayne's Moon

Your personalities are harmonious and you share a mutual affection and understanding. Each of you possesses something of the other's nature in yourself. There is also a very powerful physical attraction between you. Wayne is intuitive and very sensitive when dealing with Pam. Pam is protective of Wayne. In any relationship, this aspect indicates compatibility and harmony.

Pam's Mercury conjunct Wayne's Uranus

Pam finds Wayne to be highly stimulating intellectually and very imaginative. Indeed Pam can learn a great deal from this relationship, if Pam is willing to remain open to different lines of thinking. Pam could help give the many ideas of Wayne substance in the real world by giving them practical application. You have a great deal of intuitive communication between you, and this allows you to share each other's ideas more freely. Wayne may stimulate Pam's interest in occult or spiritual matters. This is a good combination in an astrologer-client relationship.

Wayne's Mercury sextile Pam's Mercury

This aspect indicates a great deal of intellectual harmony and agreement. There is much mutual understanding, and any disagreements are easily worked out. Conversations between you are very stimulating, and you have many things in common. You can learn a great deal from each other, as this aspect encourages mutual growth. 


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